The Message Behind NaComfortZone

NaComfortZone originates from Comfort’s Nigerian roots. In Nigeria, the word ‘Na’ is synonymous with the English word ‘the/my/?’. The Comfort Zone is exactly where you are supposed to be, where you go crazy and let it all out.  

    Comfort Zone

    /’kemfert zon/


    1. Exactly where you are supposed to be.
    2. Where one feels safe or at ease without stress.
    3. A world where uncertainty, scarcity, and vulnerability are minimized.

    United We Stand

    United We Stand is a collaborative project of the Arts created by Comfort Fedoke. Comfort unites music, dance, fashion, and art together as a celebration of individuality and love for all. To join the United We Stand Movement or participate in a project, send Comfort a message!

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